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Iraqi Moustache

Loose Thread are the anti nu-metaller's wet dream; a band that don't rely on crying and disfunctional families for lyrical and musical inspiration. Think Cheap Trick, Pistols, Beatles and the much missed Wildhearts all together on one big fuck-off union with fists in the air and chouruses so big not even an Islamic suicide bomber could destroy them.

Bedford Metal
I would say it would be difficult not to like this band, with good tunes and a heavy galloping sound, positively not depressing and displaying a true verve on stage, with an ability to cheer you up and keep you rocking.

Battle of the Bands
Hmm, not actually sure this is a review, more of a mention. Winning can't be bad though :-)

Brian Heywood
Music to either soar to the stratosphere or creep up from behind and surprise you.

Justin Saban
Great rock band from Luton. Honeycrack meets the Clash!? Les Pauls, Marshall amps and real songs - classic stuff!

Anti-Product Support
Well, they were very impressive. Big, meaty guitars and lots of energy. Bouncy songs with catchy riffs, and good harmonies.