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Changes One


Dirty Stars
If They Come For Us... ...Just Keep Playing!
Dirty Boots
Yesterday Happened

Dirty StarsDirty Stars

Out Now! Dirty Stars is a split album, first half, the excellent Rat:Daddy and the other half Loose Thread.

Track Listing:

Rat Daddy
1. A-OK
2. We go Off
3. Out of Control
4. Unaware
5. Part of Me
6. Take it to the MAX
7. Rock Bastard
Loose Thread
8. Rehab
9. On My own
10. Insulin
12. StarMaker
13. Holdin` On (Acoustic)
14. Holdin` On (Rock)

If They Come For Us... ...Just Keep Playing!If They Come For Us... ...Just Keep Playing!

This CD is the Changes One Compilation album featuring no less than 22 Tracks!

You can buy this CD NOW from Changes One!

The Loose Thread track featured on this CD is Holdin On'

Dirty BootsDirty Boots

Here we have a collection of 5 of the bands favorite tracks taken from Peterborough's Willow Festival.

Tracks Listing: 1. Holdin' On
2. Wasting My Time
3. On My Own
4. StarMaker
5. Turnaround

Yesterday HappenedYesterday Happened

This CD has sold out, the band currently have no plans to reprint.

Track Listing:
1. Numb
2. Underdog Jesus
3. Feeling
4. 20 mg of Happiness


This CD also has sold out, with no current plans for reprinting.

Track Listing:
1. Radio
2. Little Places
3. Here 'n' Now
4. U

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