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supported by Headwire and Diem

Saturday 3rd February 2002, Bedford Esquires.

When I last saw Diem they were playing with the added pressure of being part of the Battle Of The Bands grunge/metal final. I thought the singer had difficulty holding a note at times, with perhaps a sign of nerves showing through, although they did have a member of the band missing, or rather having it large in the Caribbean! So the front man had to make up for the rhythm guitar and sing too (There’s talent)! However a full line up took the stage by storm last night and were the best I’ve seen 'em. They played a blinding set. It was as if because the Battle Of The Bands was over, the pressure was lifted, and they even changed their set around a bit which I think was much needed. The sound was good and the playing was spot on.

It’s not as if their front man is going through the motions and doing the poses - there’s a natural stage presence showing talented ability to sing in tune whilst thrashing around the stage. The Nirvana covers kept up the momentum of the crowd between their own stuff, and there was a good rendition of The Kinks ‘ All Day And All Of The Night’. Diem now have T-shirts and merchandise on sale and can now, only get bigger (I’d put money on that!). I’ve only ever seen them as an opening act but I know they could comfortably move up the bill.

A bit like trying to describe the smell of a wet cat, Headwire are quite difficult to describe, perhaps not a bad thing, and seem happy with what they are doing. The crowd reaction was lively enough, a bit of something for everyone, with varying styles throughout. Although after the first few songs I thought the singing felt a bit samey, and not quite holding the attention. I wouldn’t say they were anything special but they have energy and can certainly deliver. The instrumentation was skilful enough. Looking like a pantomime princess, one of the guitarists wore a tiara. The band however displayed an encouraging attitude and a straightforward metal sound.

Rock'n'RollLoose Thread- I would say it would be difficult not to like this band, with good tunes and a heavy galloping sound, positively not depressing and displaying a true verve on stage, with an ability to cheer you up and keep you rocking. The crowd were certainly up for it. There was a cover of ‘ I fought the law’ by the Clash (among others) although there was the absence of the more memorable Wildhearts covers played to great effect last time they played Esquires. Their own stuff however made up for this, being well executed with a tight sound proving more than capable of whipping up the crowd, holding the momentum, and definitely not lacking in melodic potential, and a cheerful rocky atmosphere. The lead singer even asked where Roy was, who reviewed them for Bedford Metal last time.

by Keith Pickering. This article can be found at http://www16.brinkster.com/bedfordmetal/reviews/loosethread2.htm