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Changes One

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Sadly, Changes One are no longer [Farewell Changes One, all the best Tunny!], thankfully this does not mean you cannot get your hands on Loose Thread CD's, You can get Dirty Stars on Amazon, along side most of the other changes one releases!

Dirty Stars

Dirty Stars
Some of the best Rock'n'Roll money can buy! Loose Thread join the mighty Rat:Daddy for a split CD not to be missed! Order it NOW!

ChangesOne March EP

If you can find it, it won't set you back a great deal to purchase the fine ChangesOne March EP, featuring among other fantastic tracks OpenEnded Ego by Loose Thread! You will find this track nowhere else and the whole CD is rammed with great tracks! Go BUY it!

If They Come For Us... ...Just Keep Playing The Changesone Compilation Is finely here, 22 tracks of the BEST RnR money can buy, Loose Thread Feature on the record with "Holdin' on" Louder and faster than it's ever been before.  This CD is a Sign of what's coming it's big, it's loud, and it's what makes Sex Fun and Friday nights feel good, be part of the Change.

Buy "If They Come For Us... ...Just Keep Playing" Here